Why Employers Need To Use Spy App For Android?

Spy App For Android

Every organization or company tries to grow up their business at high rank, especially with their competitors. The success of any organization is a core need for any company and business. For the improvement of business and secure the company confidential data, the employer keeps an eye on all activities of their employees secretly. It can save the business, with the security concerns of the fullest. An employee tracking system is necessary for any kind of business.  Spying software tries to control the organization's internal concern of data breaching. Because technology is growing fast, the era of digital technology is emerging every day. The emerging of technology increases the chances to protect the company from any danger.

Technology and business

Rapid technology innovation is directly impacting every corner of a business concern. And the safety issue in the workplace. Technology fast day by day; the emergence of new technologies has increased the worries for an employer to monitor all activities of their employees at the workplace. Employers can use advanced technology and save their business from any harassment or damage.

Why does employer need to spy at working place?

All organizations want to keep save and secure their business from internal and external theft. Even the employer worried about the safety issues of a company. Employee monitoring allows an employer to check all activities and track the worker's engagement at workplace-related tasks. An employer using tracking system to check the productivity of employees, and ensure the security of business and collect to prove the working hours.

Improve employee productivity

When employees waste their time, sleep during duty, and busy with other activities within the working hours at the organization's place.

Measuring working hours

An employer wants to keep an eye on their employees and want to check all activities. Because for the growth of business it is necessary to check and balance all activities of employees.

Evaluate the performance of staff

An employee joins the company or organization for the sack of work. If they are not taking interest in their work and spend time with the other activities. It directly loses a company and also identifies if someone is a cyber-stalker.

Protect the company 

Data theft is prevalent in the business world. Those employees who have access to the company's personal file secret property and private information can cause the company and organization harm.

How an employer can monitor android devices

Employee spy refers to the matter employers use to surveil their staff within working hours at working place. For the growth and success of a business to secure the company's confidential data, the company employer keeps an eye on all activities of employees.

OgyMogy android monitoring application

Tracking software gives the safest and secure secret way to track employee activities. It considers one of the best spy apps for android. Employers can use this to spy on employee's activities on android devices owned by a company to check the productivity of them.

Features of the android spy software

Record phone screen

Cell phone tracker app provides the facility that employers can record the phone screen, screenshots, and also visible to make the screen video of their employee's digital device.

Track the SMS

This tracking software easily monitors the incoming and outgoing SMS of the targeted device.

Listen/ record calls

Through this application, an employer can easily access to listen to the live calls and can record the call without taking the devices into hand.

Record and Listen to surrounding sound 

With the use of android track App Company owners easily record the surrounding of the targeted device also records the sounds which are around them.

Email/messaging chat

It spy all incoming and outgoing text messages, chats, emails, group chat, and also send and receive messages.

Tracking Real-time GPS location

It provides to tracks the GPS location of a targeted device in real-time and targets the movements. 

Camera bugging (front and back)

With the camera bugging feature of a live stream and watch and record of surrounding of the targeted cell phone.

Key logger

Monitor all types of applied keystrokes on the android devices like SMS, Password, and Messenger. 


With the android tracking software, an employer can monitor all activities of employees and check their productivity within working hours.

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