TECHY ABODE: Turn Your House into a Smart Home with These Awesome Devices!


Can you believe how technology is one of the most powerful things in this world? It can lessen your responsibilities which means you can relax a lot, and at the same time, it can boost your productivity which means you can be more active in getting tasks done!

Technology continues to be outstanding and entrancing. With gadgets, vehicles, machinery, appliances (and more!) which are products of its unrelenting advancements, technology keeps making people clap and wow. Everybody can attest that from the most complex duties to even the simplest things done routinely, processes have turned compellingly Avante-Garde.

Indeed, a lot of the valuable gadgets used in smart homes lean to the more luxurious range, yet affordable ones for budget-friendly home modeling and designing are present too. All of them can make life lighter with tasks that can be accomplished with little effort because of technology. Smart home devices are stunning in visuals and astounding functions!

Now, whether you are planning to include smart gadgets to your new house or looking for the next addition to your already-smart home, here’s a list that can lend you ideas! Grab some cookies to munch on while enjoying these awesome smart home devices!



One of the first things in a place that will catch your attention is the lighting. It is a must that your home lighting is comfortable, suitable, and useful! Lighting that is too bright can hurt the eyes while one that is too dim can make you unproductive. That is why a light dimmer is a very aidful gadget for your smart home!

A light dimmer enables you to direct and manage the lights wherever in the house you are! There are different light dimmer systems such as the touch dimmer with one button to access it and the integrated dimmer which is utilized to regulate multiplex lighting presets for one area. A slide switch or a knob is among the operating materials of the dimmer. For some, there’s a remote control too. What’s so amazing for other brands in the presence of the voice control feature.

Although some light dimmer switches are pricey, you will not regret purchasing it because it will extend the lifespan of your light bulbs. You won’t need to keep buying and spending money because of bulbs which are no longer running. You can partner your dimmer switch with your precious lighting fixtures!


You can be more flexible with your home lighting because you can modify it depending on the activity to be done in a certain room. Say you are going to watch a movie, you can lower the light intensity to instantly transform your living room into a mini cinema. If you are going to spend a special occasion, you can make the lights brighter and clearer for a more enthusiastic gathering! 

And probably the most loved aspect of light dimmers is that you can control your electric consumption better! Since you don’t have to always use a bright light, you can save money! Reduced wattage means more savings!



It’s quite surprising that you can adorn your toilet with a light that brings life to it! A toilet night light is something out of this world, especially the ones in different colors!)

This toilet night light is switched on when someone comes into the toilet. It turns off with the absence of anyone. It has motion sensors that’s why! It helps you a lot by lighting your way in the dark comfort room since sometimes, you might not have the energy to press or find the light switches in the middle of the night. 

Yes, the bathroom becomes more entertaining and diverting for kids, especially for the ones who hate taking a bath! Your visitors will love your house for it too! If you are going to install this to your new house’s bathroom, let your new home builder know, so they can give you pieces of advice regarding its installation.

What’s even more agreeable about this smart toilet feature is that it prevents tripping, slipping, or falling in the toilet, around in the dark. Safety comes first before style!



A surveillance camera is a very helpful device to keep your smart home safe and secure! But here’s one that steps up the game. It’s a doorbell camera! It is a user-oriented gadget that can perk up the safety of and in your home, giving you peace of mind and a quieter life. 

When someone rings the doorbell, you can immediately see who it is. Especially if you are not expecting anyone to visit, you can use the device to know the identity of the person outside. If they’re your beloved guests, and you are holding an infant or doing something urgent, you can communicate with them through the video device to ask them to wait for a bit.

Another awe-inspiring possibility with a doorbell camera is accessing it even when you are not at home. While you are traveling or at work and some friends dropped by, you can see them and chat with them virtually. It’s convenient for them too, so they will not keep on pressing the doorbell or knocking on your gate when actually, there’s no one home.

Another instance is the arrival of a package. Sometimes, delivery men leave the parcel outside the house when it’s already been paid beforehand. That’s fine for the delivery guy but unsafe for the package owner because strangers might pick it up and steal it. If you can remotely monitor the video doorbell camera, then you will be informed that your orders arrived while you were away. In that way, you can go home instantly or request a trusted neighbor to keep it in their house first for you.

In worst-case scenarios, video footage caught by your doorbell camera can be used as evidence for police investigations involving break-ins and robberies inside your house or outside such as in your parked car. But before mishaps like that occur, you can shoo away attempting thieves with a doorbell camera that makes them back off!


You might be living inside a well-built house, probably an expensive one, but are you sure you are staying healthy and safe in it? The air you breathe indoors may not be as clean as you believe, so choose your smart home appliances wisely!

The unceasing technological furtherances have given birth to smart sensors that enable people to keep a check on the air quality inside the house. An indoor air quality monitoring device can be your chum to ensure indoor sanitation! It scans the air for elements that might not be safe for human health. It detects and eliminates dust, carbon dioxide, and other detrimental chemicals, so you keep yourself away from illnesses that might be caused by them. 

The indoor air quality monitor does not ruin your interior design because it’s usually small and stylish! You can situate it anywhere, and it would be just as classy as it is!

It helps you deal with air components that affect your home's humidity and temperature too. Bear in mind that the indoor environment has a huge impact on human health. Not to mention, you and your loved ones spend most of the time at home. You really need to keep your house disinfected for a pleasant and long life.


Your home can be smart, and your smart home can be smarter than ever! With the above-mentioned by-products of the coolest technological developments today, abodes are made so much cozier and more convenient! With the latest trends in smart home technology, you will surely have the better life you want with a cherry on top!


Nicole Ann Pore 
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