How Do I Choose the Right Length of Hair Extensions?


Choosing the right hair extensions length is essential if you want it to look natural and blend in with your natural hair. It can be tricky to choose the right length of your extension, especially if you have never worn 100% human hair extensions

You would not want to end up looking awkward after buying extensions that are shorter or longer than your natural hair. Before buying hair extensions, always ensure that you measure them to make sure you don’t end up with very long or short extensions. 

How to Choose the Right Length of Hair Extensions

1. Styling


How you plan to style your hair after wearing the extensions can also play an important role when choosing the length of hair extensions. If the style you choose requires you to trim some of your hair or if you want to have a tapered look, then getting longer hair would be better.

If you're going to wear long weaves, but you don't want to spend a lot of time styling, then it would be ideal if you buy extensions that are 16 inches long.

2. Consider Your Natural Hair

Consider Your Natural Hair
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If your hair is at or above the shoulders, then it would be best if you choose to use the 16-inch type to get a more natural look. If the length of your natural hair is about 3 inches below your shoulders, then you should choose a hair extension length similar to your natural hair.

3. The Shape of Your Face

The Shape of Your Face
Another tip to consider when choosing extension length is the shape of your face. The length of the extension you want should highlight the unique traits of your face. If your face is heart-shaped, then you should go for extensions that are 12-16 inches and have soft layers on the front.  People with a round face should choose 100% human hair extensions that are curly and reach below their chin. 

4. The Cost

The length of the hair extensions will automatically influence its cost. Hair extensions have different lengths, and they come at different prices. Your budget determines the kind of extension length you get. 

For instance, 16-inch extensions will cost more compared to a 14-inch extension. It would be better to buy a 16-inch extension since you can easily trim it to the desired length.  

However, if you end up purchasing a shorter extension, you would have to spend more money buying another hair extension.

5. Height

Another tip to consider when getting the right length of hair extensions is your height. How tall you are will play a significant role in your overall appearance after wearing the extensions. 

For instance, one woman is 5.8 Ft. while the other one is 4.8 Ft. Both of them buy extensions that are 16 inches long. The latter woman’s hair will appear to be way too long compared to the taller woman’s hair.

Before making a purchase, it is advisable to consider the above crucial points. Choosing the right length of 100% human hair extensions will get you that beautiful and natural look.

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