Top 10 Benefits of Seedboxes

Torrents are just as popular today as they were a decade back. You can download anything from movies to operating systems to games from torrent downloads. The only problem with torrent downloads is that the downloads aren't private and it is easy for anyone to see your information along with what you are downloading.

If you find yourself in such a situation then fret not because there's not much to worry as there's an excellent way to privately download torrent files. It's called a seedbox! A seedbox is nothing but a high-speed server which is used primarily for torrent transfers, especially for uploading at high rates. If you have little or no idea about seedboxes but would like to know more, then read on further to know the key benefits of seedboxes and the most compelling reasons for getting the same. Let's get started!

1. Speed:- Speed is the most primary benefit of a seedbox and the most compelling reason for getting the same. Seedboxes are set up on 100Mbit lines which means that they are insanely fast and a lot faster than your home internet connection will ever be. If you don't go for the best seedbox and even if you go for the cheapest variant of the seedbox available in the market, you would still be able to get speeds of up to 30MBit a second!

2. Downloading:- Seedboxes provide insanely fast downloading speeds and you will be well and truly surprised at the insanely fast downloading speeds. The speed ranges from seedbox to seedbox but even if you don't go for the best seedbox and instead go for the cheapest seedbox, you will still get much faster speeds than your home internet connection. You will be able to download an operating system within 40 seconds and a full blue-ray movie within 120 seconds.

3. Uploading:- You can inquire from any serious torrenter and he or she will tell you the same, that serious torrenters care more about seeding than they do about downloading. Without a good ratio, it is impossible to maintain a healthy membership. If and when you get yourself the best seedbox you will be able to get a ratio of 1:1 on torrents within minutes. When you have with you the best seedbox, there's no longer any need to seed the torrent for weeks to stay in the good books of your private tracker.

4. Competition:- You may not realize it but private trackers are a lot more competitive than you could ever realize. With the help of a seedbox, you get a competitive edge over your competitors. The best seedbox is very important, so much so, that in today's day and age it is mandatory for the longevity of the account when it comes to private trackers. In today's day and age, more and more people are using seedboxes and they are gaining competitive leverage over non-seedbox members. Going forward, the trend is as clear as daylight, even get on the seedbox bandwagon or get left behind!

5. Untouched home internet connection:- If and when you have the best seedbox, you will be able to free up your home internet connection for doing anything that you desire. When using the best seedbox, you will be benefitted in the form of lower electricity bills because you won't have to keep your computer powered on, all night and day, for the sake of downloading. When you have the best seedbox or even the cheapest seedbox, you can easily turn off your computer without a care in the world for seeding because your best seedbox will continue to happy upload and download 24/7.

6. Good ratios:- One way of becoming a power user on the tracker in little or no time is by getting your upload stats to soar! If and when you end up becoming a power user, you will have a lot of invites coming your way, which you can use to trade for better sites. Like many others, you can have multiple BitTorrent accounts and can keep them all in great shape by easily rotating the torrents from each.

7. Great file selection:- After you have established a respectable ratio with the help of the best seedbox, you are free to download the files that you really want to download. No longer will you feel any need to download popular torrents that you don't even want.

8. Never run out of storage space:- Given the ruthless competition among seedbox companies, all companies are trying to out-do their competitors and end-users, stand to benefit as a result. More and more seedbox companies are increasing their storage capabilities which means more storage for you! The best seedbox makes it possible for you to save space on your computer since you have more-than-enough space on your best seedbox to load your most preferred digital files. You can download and keep the files in the best seedbox and download it later to your computer.

9. Stream video files with ease:- If you get the best seedbox available in the market, then there are high chances that the seedbox will have pre-installed Plexi or KODI. These applications pre-installed on the seedbox will easily turn it into a media center making it possible for you to host video content libraries as well. That's just the beginning of it, you can easily stream and watch the video files directly from the best seedbox using a streamer or a web browser.

10. Private and Anonymous:- In today's day and age, the internet is more of a public space, where it is very easy to determine who is downloading what and who is uploading what. That being said, there's a way to ensure your privacy and anonymity while downloading and uploading files and that way is a seedbox! If and when you buy the best seedbox in the market and begin using it, you will have complete control over your privacy because you will be the only one with access to the files through your login account.

The Bottom Line

There you go. Those were the 10 key benefits of getting yourself a seedbox! They have a multitude of benefits and are worth every penny that you will end up paying for them.

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