How a startup can quickly and cheaply attract customers

How a startup can quickly and cheaply attract customers

In search of customers, a newborn company grabs everything at once: social networks, RTB, search promotion. Someone strikes at content marketing, others strongly believe in SMM. This is similar to drowning movements - convulsive throwing instead of the only right decision.

So an inexperienced startup drives itself to a depth from which it is no longer possible to swim. Actually, a lot of marketing doesn’t mean good. I’ll tell you which online advertising will help a startup find customers faster.

Create a website

Before starting an advertising campaign, it is important to create an “airfield” where potential customers will “land”. In internet marketing, this is a website. To create a simple site, you do not need to know programming languages or call a programmer with a designer. Let the guys rest, you will need them later. There are a huge number of tools to make a web resource yourself.

The easiest option is to create a one-page site, or landing page, using the constructor. Each resource has the training, after which you can use your own visual editor to make up a small site yourself.

If you have several types of goods or services, it is more reasonable to create several landing pages for each product and work with a large flow of traffic. Some companies have been living like this for years.

Run contextual advertising

Talk about customers. In an ideal world, advertising should work on the entire life path of the client: from the formation of needs to the sale. There is a so-called seven-touch theory: its essence is that for a customer to buy, he needs to “touch” the brand at least seven times. 

Traditional points of contact: online advertising, recall, company blog, page on social networks, website. The best SEO service in India For example, a car enthusiast who wants to buy a new car, in the long run, can see street advertising, then advertise in search networks, find a share on the site and only then make a purchase decision.

But there are situations when there is no time to warm up the client. Customer hunger is a permanent feeling for startups because they do not have a developed base that will help them survive a difficult time. 

Then you need to immediately handle the hot demand - customers with a formed need. For the construction team, it will be the homeowner who is already doing repairs, for the wedding salon - the bride, and not just a young girl.

At this stage, two advertising channels help SEO and contextual advertising. They can be mastered independently, with minimal cost or no budget at all. First of all, you need to use advertising in search engines. She leads customers to the site almost instantly.

To start the campaign with little blood, I advise you to use automation services. These are online technologies that themselves analyze the conversion of key phrases, adjust bids, redistribute the budget. Dealing with them will not be difficult even for a layman. The most popular services for launching contextual advertising.

Optimize your site and pages

Important clarification. Promoting a landing page is a very difficult and inefficient job because it has only one page. If it is used for one purpose - to bring leads from contextual advertising, you do not need to be at the top of search results. For organic traffic, you need a multi-page site. It is already possible to carry out any suitable optimization actions with it.

So, if you have a website, optimization promotes it higher in search engines. Higher in search - more customers. It takes a lot of time to understand SEO at a basic level and drive traffic to a site. You can do self-education, watch instructional videos, or attract a professional company that will do everything for you. But there is an intermediate option.

I advise you to use the services of automatic promotion and website optimization at the initial stage. They make up the semantic core, select landing pages, evaluate the budget for promotion.

SEO is a long-term game. The first results are not immediately visible but after 2-3 months. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with it as soon as possible. Without SEO, you won’t be able to bring customers from search engines.

But not a single site: Google is only part of the market. Any social network, service, electronic platform has its own search algorithms within the site. This is important to remember when working with YouTube and aggregators, which we will talk about below.

Create a YouTube Channel

The global audience of YouTube is more than 1 billion people, and in America, it surpassed Channel One in popularity. To promote on YouTube you will need a video that you have to shoot yourself or order from professionals.

For the placement itself, as well as for registration, you do not pay with money - only with your time. Let's talk about what you need to remember about promoting on YouTube so as not to waste valuable resources.

  • Design your channel page: Be responsive to your channel cover design. Leave the designer alone, just insert a few thematic photos into the header.
  • Collect playlists: The question-answer playlists are great on YouTube. The user visits the channel, receives an answer to his question, and continues to watch other videos in the playlist format. For example, for a construction company, this may be a step-by-step instruction on wall decoration.
  • Post long videos: The average video duration should be more than 7 minutes. But in Internet marketing, there are no exact rules, except for one thing - to be no worse than others. If the video is shorter, it will not be relevant to search queries. A long video will also not be in the first position. Check it out for yourself: look at the duration of competitors' videos and do the same.
  • Add the video to the screen: After the video ends, add two more videos to the viewing screen - so you motivate users not to return to the search, but to continue watching video content.
  • Respond to comments: Each user subconsciously waits for a response. Do it: you are a trifle, but he is pleased.
  • Use lead magnets: YouTube has view statistics. It shows which video is watched best. The most popular videos are called lead magnets because they attract followers. Use them as your main weapon - add to the screen, create a playlist, make the most engaging video a channel trailer.

Drive on aggregators

Price aggregators, like Sergey Shnurov, are becoming more and more popular with age. Getting top positions in issuance, aggregators remain the main collectors of targeted traffic. Placing product cards on these services is indispensable for handling hot demand. 

I will show you how to work with aggregators using the Avito example. This site is the king of aggregators, it is visited by 35 million people every month. How this affects search results is easy to verify with a simple experiment. Enter in "Google" "give the cat" or "buy a car" - and look at the result. Avito will be on the first page of search engines above highly specialized sites - nurseries and car dealerships.

There is an opinion that it is difficult to advance on Avito because of great competition. This is true but remember a few rules. Following them, you will gain an advantage over competitors and will be able to quickly promote your business:

  • Put honest photos: Do not fool users. They come to look at the goods, do not bother them. Place a photo of the product in an informal setting, put live people who use the product or service for its intended purpose. Take a picture of a fishing rod with a fisherman, and a beauty salon with visitors. Do not add watermarks, phone numbers, links to the photo - users will be able to find contacts in designated areas. Do not get carried away with effects in graphic editors. The level of trust in a sofa on a white background is lower than that of a natural, albeit not too professional, image.
  • Write sales headlines: The maximum size of a title on Avito is 50 characters. Use them all. Suppose a user selects kitchen furniture in the color of the interior. For him to find your offer, write not the trivial “I sell the kitchen”, but “the kitchen set is a small-sized 1.2-meter blue sea”.
  • Include a detailed description and price: Be sure to paint the characteristics of the goods, services, but the exact (in extreme cases, approximate) price. The mystery is appropriate on a romantic date, and not when choosing a product.
  • Evaluate if the site suits you. Avito is visited by end-users: This affects the effectiveness of advertising. Here, users are looking for veterinarians who work at home, not veterinary clinics. Post products suitable for B2C. Do you supply oil rigs? Then aggregators are not your option.

Place your company in services

By analogy with aggregators, geo-services accumulate a large number of audiences and regularly appear in search results. So, the audience is 3.5 million people per month. People use navigation services because they want to get information about the location of the company, and along the way end up in marketing networks.

We analyzed the behavior of a typical user on Google. Maps service. First, he studies the company’s card, looks at the rating and reviews. If everything suits him, he calls from the card or goes to the site, where he is already going down the sales funnel and turns into a customer.

Our analysts calculated: users of services are more loyal to those who switched to the site from search. This is because visitors to Google Maps have already chosen you and are now looking for a route to your office. Therefore, the number, depth of view and time on the site is higher for those who switched from navigation services

The main geo services of America are Google Maps I advise you to advance in services like this:
  • Get a company card on Google My Business: So you get into the navigation services of search engines. Indicate the work schedule, phone numbers, company website, links to social networks. Add a photo so customers can find your office.
  • Provide feedback and ratings: Each operating company has its own reputation. According to it, the company is chosen by customers. If there are no reviews, contact loyal customers, brand advocates. Ask them to rate the company and leave a review for the organization card.

But what about other channels?

In the article, we have listed the highest priority and affordable tools for working with hot demand. As the company grows, you will have to expand ways to attract customers, but it will not be right away. Now you need to increase fat, and this is impossible without the use of contextual advertising, SEO, and placement on aggregators.

Of course, internet marketing is a delicate matter. Even if you correctly implement all the recommendations, I cannot guarantee that you will find a queue of “hot” clients outside the door. Perhaps other techniques work better in your industry or you need to fine-tune existing mechanisms. But if you choose where to invest your first marketing budget, start with these channels - they rarely let you down and help you find customers faster.

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