Things to do before reselling your old phones

reselling your old phones

When your phone gets old you feel like buying a new one. That is great, but what do you usually do with the older one? Nowadays it has become very easy to sell your used phones for cash. There are a lot of options for you to sell your used phones and these options have made things relatively easier.

If you want to give away your used phones or tablets for cash then you should know that there are some things that you will have to keep in mind. There are some basics to this trade. Your used mobile phone devices contain certain valuable information about you; therefore, it is evident that you certainly do not want to pass them to someone else just like that.

It simply does not matter to whom you sell your smartphone to, the one thing you should do is wipe your device before you give it to someone else.

Things to consider before reselling your smartphone

Here are the following things you should consider before selling your old cell phone:

  1. Take the SIM card out- The first and the foremost thing to do is take out the SIM card. Your old SIM might contain a lot of contacts even if you are considering a new SIM with a new phone. All you need is a SIM ejection tool to remove the card tray.
  1. Remove the memory card- It is evident that your phone does have a microSD card slot. There is a slot on the edge of your phone or just behind the cover for the battery. Unmount your SD card from that slot. Now before you do so always remember to back up as many photos and videos, apps, and other important documents so that you can take them with you to your new smartphone.
  1. Erase your data-The ever-important step is to wipe all your data from the phone itself. There are two very simple ways to do this. There are two very simple ways to do this- one you can just go into the settings and look for the backup and the restore option and the other one is erasing it manually with the hardware buttons. Also, remember to sign out of your Google account before wiping things off your phone.
  2. Rebox it- Every good android owner will consider keeping every box and bits of packaging that came with the device when you buy it for the first time. Smartphones usually come with a number of goodies right from the USB chargers and headphones to cables and SIM tools to spare the earbud rubbers.

There are a number of places where you can sell your used phones for cash. Beyond the option of selling it online, there are also cash converters, garage sales, electronic markets, pawn shops as well as classifieds. Most of the carriers would be happy to exchange an old device of your hands for some cash. Remember to be careful while doing the job.

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