What Are The Pros And Cons Of Fusion (Bonded) Hair Extensions

Pros And Cons Of Fusion (Bonded) Hair Extensions

Hair extensions manage to make our dreams of long, thick, and luscious hair come true. In terms of types of hair extensions, there are so many out there that the choice may sometimes be difficult. If you want a long-lasting effect and you are not a fan of daily application, fusion, or so-called bonded hair extensions are the answer for you.

These are either cold or hot. The cold ones are the sew-in hair extensions and the hot ones involve the “gluing” of the hair extensions to the natural hair with keratin or other natural and hypoallergenic substances. Let’s dive in and see why you should and why you shouldn’t go for this type of extension and what characteristics you should consider in your decision.

The pros

1. Long-lasting


No matter if we are talking about hot or cold fusion extensions, one thing is clear: they will stay with you for a long time. Most types of hair extensions can last up to 6-16 weeks before being refreshed. 

Another bonus point is that many extensions can be reused so you have to pay just for the re-application. This way you can save lots of money if you are interested in keeping your extensions for a long time.

Fusion hair extensions are some of the most durable hair augmentation methods on the market. They have a very long history and the sew-in hair extensions are said to have been used by Queen Cleopatra of Egypt herself so they have surely passed the test of time.

2. Natural look

Natural look

Being carefully attached to small sections of hair, these hair extensions give a very natural look and they are invisible. They also allow many types of hairstyles and updos while wearing them, being considered some of the most discreet on the market.

The application process of fusion hair extensions is very discreet as it is always done at a salon. The attachment parts are made from a multitude of materials that are so small that they are not visible in most circumstances. 

Also, the fact that fusion hair extensions are applied only in a salon (because of the needed tools and skills) makes them perfectly polished and beautiful. Many women experience problems with temporary extensions because they can get visible and ugly if they are hastily and poorly applied. With these professionally applied ones, you will not have to worry a single second.

3. Suitable for short hair

Suitable for short hair

Hurray! Even as a short-haired lady that wants to quickly adjust her look there is a hero out there. And this hero is the fusion hair extensions. Having very small and discrete application systems, these extensions are amazing for short hair and they will not be visible. This trait makes fusion hair extensions some of the best on the market if you want a drastic change of style in the shortest amount of time. They will not affect your natural growth process and they will give you the long locks you have always wanted.

The cons

1. They need lots of time  and money for application

Even though it sounds nice that they have to be replaced every 6-16 weeks, you have to consider that a visit to the salon to have them refreshed can take hours and hours. This time-consuming process may not be suitable for all of us. If you are looking for just temporary length and volume you should try other types of hair extensions.

Another annoying issue about them is the price of re-application. In most of the salons, the initial application price can be included in the price of the hair extensions or it can be separated. 

The re-application process also costs and this may prove difficult to maintain in the long run, especially if you have fast-growing hair that needs more often professional care. 

If you are not looking for permanent length and volume, maybe temporary extensions are more suitable for you given the lower price and the one-time purchase.

2. There are limitations when wearing them

Even though they are very efficient in terms of durability, these extensions can’t be blow-dried and you can’t apply direct heat to them because the application system can get damaged. More than that, you can’t use oil treatments or oil-based hair products because they can also damage the extensions. Another drawback is that, unfortunately, you can’t swim with them since they can get very tangled in your natural hair.

These limitations can prove a lot, especially if you are not used to tending so carefully to your hair. The main issue with this rather tedious and methodical maintenance process is that if you slack and skin some days of washing or think that you can go for a small dip, you are unfortunately wrong. 

Most women who have problems with their extensions have this issue because they have not followed all the instructions of the extension stylist or used the wrong products.

3. They need strong hair to be attached to

This is probably one of the biggest issues with fusion hair extensions. Even though they are attached to small sections of hair, this hair would better be thick and coarse to handle the stress of the extensions. 

Thin-haired ladies can also try fusion hair extensions but with caution and not for a dramatic change of length because the extra hair may be too heavy for the natural hair weave.

Fusion hair extensions can be your new best friend or pain in the back, depending on your needs and available time for caring for your hair. Before going for this rather permanent change consider your budget, schedule, dedication, and if you want to have longer and more voluminous hair every day. 

Indique hair extensions can be an excellent addition to your style but before choosing to go all the way with this style change make sure that you consider every aspect.

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