How to be Creative with Product Marketing online

How to be Creative with Product Marketing online

What is your business doing to stay relevant? Are you constantly re-evaluating your marketing strategy to ensure you’re staying on top of things? 

If you don’t want to be forgotten in a sea of competitors, it’s important to take the road less traveled when it comes to your marketing efforts.

Don’t be afraid to do what others aren’t. Yours will be the brand that gets remembered while the others get forgotten.

You can Get Good Results without overspending

Educating customers on your brand does not require spending a small fortune.

In fact, it is easy to build brand awareness on a budget. The most important thing to remember is education and engaging your customers online by telling compelling stories.

  • Be Willing to Be Judged

Companies like Dollar Shave Club and Denny’s have been unapologetically original with their ads, embracing their own quirkiness to create memorable ads.

If you aren’t willing to be judged, then you won’t succeed. Dove proved this to be effective when they featured unairbrushed photos in a recent ad campaign.

Domino’s also took this leap by taking to television and social media, criticizing their own ingredients and quality issues.

  • Embrace your weirdness

When everyone else zigs, consider zagging.

Respond to Customers on Social Media (and maintain a robust online presence)

Responding to customers is critical to any good business. When you respond to customers via social media, it makes a powerful statement.

You’re not only addressing your customer's concerns, but you’re also proving that you’re not just some bot.

Being active on social media shows a dedication to both customers and your business.

  • Encourage Customers to Share Your Product

Coca Cola did an excellent job of this with their popular “Share a Coke” campaign.

By putting individual names on their bottles of Coke, they delivered a personalized experience for their customers.

Consumers want personalized campaigns like this that they can share with others.

This process encourages education and builds awareness without even trying.

  • Repurpose Your Content

While content is king, GOOD CONTENT is even better. That’s why repurposing your best content is an excellent marketing tactic.

While you might be tempted to create new content (and you should), repurposing your best content keeps you relevant.

 The focus should be quality over quantity. Instead of firing out numerous pieces of content each day, set a schedule that allows you to create more dynamic, engaging content for your customers.

Above All Else, Have Fun.

If you’re not having fun, your customers will know. By having fun and being uninhibited, you can present a more transparent, honest version of yourself. 

Who knows? You may even learn something in the process.

Use these creative marketing ideas before you build your next campaign and watch your brand grow.

Chaktty is a business and tech writer, at his leisure time, he loves to work in the garden.

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