Most Trending Haircut for Short Wavy Hair Ideas

Most Trending Haircut for Short Wavy Hair Ideas

The battle with volume has begun since the dawn of humanity. We all love to have a big, luscious, and gorgeous hairstyle but oftentimes our biggest enemy is out hair itself. 

There are many products out there that can give you a temporary fix but the best method is to have a haircut designed to add volume to short wavy hair. 

This way you will not have to worry about the time spent in the mirror every single morning and your hair will have a natural volume.

1. Short pixie

Short pixie

This is one of the most popular short wavy hairstyles in 2020 thanks to the fact that it is suitable for many complexions and it will cut down lots of the time spent in the mirror. It is that type of hairstyle that can let you say “I woke up like this”. 

Easy to style, low-maintenance and gorgeous, this hairstyle will emphasize your face beauty while giving a great boost of volume to your natural hair. Also, this hairstyle is very suitable if you are looking to grow back damaged or burnt hair and it will greatly speed up the hair growth.

2. Short cut with side bangs

Short cut with side bangs

Wavy hair is perfect for this specific type of cut because the layered style of this hairstyle will give amazing volume and a natural look. Short wavy hair with bangs is a very modern approach to the classic pixie and it adds personality and elegance to your overall look. 

Depending on your style and personality you can also go in with a bold color to add extra funkiness to your style.

3. Layered long pixie

Layered long pixie

This haircut was one of the most popular at the beginning of 2000 and it is coming back this year with a new approach. Short wavy hair may not be the perfect foundation for this specific cut but it will give your hairstyle a very natural and low-maintenance volume. 

Being a layered haircut, this specific style will trick the eye that you have full and thick hair thanks to the difference in length of all the layers. It is a very good hairstyle for all ages and it will give you elegance and class.

4. Jawline short bob

Jawline short bob

Cute, edgy, and very elegant, this reinterpretation of the flapper girl bob is excellent for short wavy hair. The natural texture of your hair will make this hairstyle bounce and move in a very natural and flattering way. 

It is very easy to maintain and style and it will save you lots of time in the morning. The jawline margin will enhance your facial features giving you a fresh and elegant look. It can be parted on a side or in the middle and it can be used for many interesting hairstyles.

5. Short undercut

Short undercut

The list of short wavy hairstyles 2020 would not be complete without this edgy and bold look. The undercut is a staple of hairstyles this decade and it offers a very modern and contemporary vibe. 

The undercut can be worn by many women and it can be adapted to each personal style through the length and pattern of it. Wavy hair is excellent for this style because it will give lots of volume in the front and the contrast with the short back will make your overall look very bold and polished.

6. Short bob with bangs

Short bob with bangs

This elegant and gorgeous haircut is inspired by French culture. The bob is a notorious hairstyle worn by the French women and it is flattering for many ages, complexions, and personalities. 

Short wavy hair with bangs is the perfect mix between femininity, cuteness, and elegance, being very easy to style and wear. Your natural hair will make the haircut very easy to maintain and the overall style of this cut will make your ready for any occasion at all times.

7. Blunt bob

Blunt bob

This haircut has conquered the world of beauty in the past thanks to its versatility and popularity among celebrities. This straight bob is excellent for wavy hair because it will give extra volume and elegance while giving your curls a direction and overall style. The style is suitable for all ages and it will follow your personality and style.

Adding volume to short natural wavy hair is a very easy and fun thing to do. The easiest method is to get a smart cut from a professional stylist. 

The haircuts listed above are some of the most popular and versatile short wavy hairstyles 2020 that will give you a very modern look and vibe. Cutting our hair may seem frightening but these trims will make you love your curls and style every single day.

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