Which are the best gloves for auto mechanics

best gloves for auto mechanics

It is common knowledge that workers in automotive industries have to face a lot of hazards at the workplace in the form of sharp edges, sharp tools, harmful chemicals, and also harmful substances. To do their jobs safely and efficiently it is important for auto mechanics to use the best protection for their hands, at all times. Auto mechanics frequently work with different tools and equipment like wrenches and screwdrivers, which can easily cause injuries by puncturing gloves. That's why it is so important for auto mechanics to wear gloves that are highly puncture-resistant. Latex, vinyl, and nitrile are different options available in the market for anyone who is looking for puncture-resistant gloves and of all the options, nitrile gloves get the vote, because it offers excellent resistance to puncture.

What makes nitrile the best gloves for auto mechanics?

Auto mechanics often find themselves exposed to different types of substances and car fluids which can cause a lot of significant damage to their skin, along with other side-effects. It is very common for auto mechanics to be exposed to fluids like gasoline, brake fluid, and other transmission fluids, while they are at their jobs. If you are looking for gloves that offer the best resistance to chemicals and substances then you can consider giving nitrile gloves a try, because such gloves offer excellent resistance to gasoline and other brake fluids. You shouldn't consider latex gloves if you find yourself exposed to gasoline and other automotive chemicals, at your job site.

As an auto mechanic, you should ideally look for gloves that allow for dexterity and the flexibility to work with small tools and sharp objects. You need gloves that can keep you protected while working with sharp tools and objects, along with providing you with the dexterity and flexibility, to do different tasks, easily, efficiently, and safely.  You can also consider nitrile gloves as they make for an excellent choice for the automotive industry.  Nitrile gloves provide excellent resistance to automotive chemicals; they also provide great dexterity to work with sharp objects, which makes them one of the best gloves for auto mechanics.

Which variants to pick? Powdered or Powder-free?

There are two basic types of gloves which are available in the market. You either get powdered variants of gloves in the market or you get powder-free variants. As an auto mechanic, you are strongly advised to go for powder-free gloves, because they are the norm in the automotive industry, widely popular for multitudes of benefits. Vehicle paint and seal on windshields can be harmed if you plan to use powdered gloves, because it entails donning powder. Latex gloves is one of the options available in the market, with its own pros and cons, but you shouldn’t consider them, if you are have sensitivities and allergies to latex. Overall, it can be said with utmost confidence that nitrile gloves are the best gloves for auto mechanics on all possible fronts, and you should consider buying them, if you haven’t already done so!

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