The pros and cons of fusion hair extensions

Fusion hair extensions are one of the oldest techniques in the hair-styling industry. They have been around for decades and have remained popular and relevant through all these years. It is the favoured option for a lot of women around the world and for very valid reasons so. It looks good, is durable and can be easily removed. If you are in cherry hill, NJ and want to go for fusion extensions, then read on to know more about the pros and cons of getting such extensions.

What exactly are fusion hair extensions?

They are known by different names such as keratin bond extensions and glue-in extensions. They are the preferred choice for many people around the globe as it’s easy to use them for adding length and highlights.  Fusion hair extensions in cherry hill are considered as one of the most versatile extensions, among all the options existing in the market. They are durable and can last as long as 6 months. Fusion hair extensions in cherry hill are effective for all hair types and are considered a very simple way to get natural long hair.

Further, it's very easy to get these extensions. All one has to do is to section the hair in pieces and then use non-damaging keratin glue to glue the extension to the hair. Since a fusion wand is used to heat and melt the glue, these extensions are called fusion hair extensions around the world.   The entire process of Fusion hair extensions in the cherry hill can take anywhere between 4-8 hours depending on the experience and expertise of the hairstylists, and also the number of extensions to be added which depends on the thickness of your hair.

The pros and cons of fusion hair extensions

There are pros and cons of every type of hair extension and the same extends to fusion hair extensions. Knowing the pros and cons is necessary to make an informed decision for yourself, depending on your budget and your preferences. Let's begin with the pros first.

The pros of fusion hair extensions

  • Fusion extensions in cherry hill make the use of keratin which is considered safe for the scalp and the hair. Around 90% of the human hair is made of keratin which makes keratin glue, a lot safer than glues of all other kinds that are used for extensions.
  • It is considered as one of the most durable hair extension methods where the extensions can stay for as long as six months. The keratin glue makes it possible for the hair extension to be held strongly on your hair for an extended period of time. 
  • Fusion hair extensions are more affordable in comparison to other types of hair extensions because it is comparatively easy to produce hot fusion air.
  • Fusion hair extensions have a lot of versatility. They are perfect for all types of hair, right from up-do's to braids to wearing down the hair. Fusion hair extensions can experiment with different types of hair textures and colours. That's not all, fusion hair extensions are available in an extensive range of length, colours and also volume!

The cons of fusion hair extensions

  • One main con of fusion hair extensions is that they take a lot of time to apply. The entire application process can take anywhere between 4-8 hours which doesn't make them a favoured option for busy women. However, women who are willing to spend that kind of time in getting fusion extensions, are rewarded in the form of natural-looking, long hair.
  • Another con associated with fusion extensions is that you can't swim, if and when you get them. This is because when the roots of your hair can be damaged if you swim with fusion extension.
  • Another con is that the heat used to apply the fusion extension can potentially damage your hair, as has happened with a lot of women in a lot of hair salons.
  • If you have engaged the services of an inexperienced hairstylist or an amateur hairstylist for fusion extensions in cherry hill, it might end up backfiring and your hair might face damage and breakage during the application process.

Wrapping Up

There you go. Those were the different pros and cons of getting fusion extensions. If you are in cherry hill, New Jersey and want to go for fusion extensions, then you are in luck because cherry hill has a lot of great hair salons which you can consider for the fusion extension. Pick a reputable option within your budget and best suited to your requirements and go through with fusion extensions in cherry hill for natural-looking, long hair. All the best!

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