Top signs you need to consult a shoulder surgeon


Thousands of people around the world, including and especially in Cambridge, suffer from shoulder injuries, on a yearly basis. These injuries can be caused by different hazards and threats at different workplaces or from accidents. The point is that no one is immune to shoulder injuries and they can happen to the best of us and at any time. These injuries can be pretty painful and can affect your personal and professional life, in very adverse ways.

When is it important to go for shoulder surgery?

Shoulder injuries are of two types, some that get healed on their own in due course of time and some which can't get healed because the damage has been too detrimental. To make matters worse, the shoulder is a pretty complex structure that can get affected in a multitude of different ways, making healing and recovering, all the more difficult. Sometimes the situation might be so detrimental that the only way to heal is to undergo shoulder surgery

Which symptoms can be ignored and which symptoms shouldn’t?

If you have an injured shoulder, you will realize that it causes a lot of interferences in your daily. In such situations, you need to rest and not do physically exerting activities that can worsen the predicament that you are plagued with. There are some symptoms that are associated with minor injuries and such symptoms get reduced in the due course of time. There are, however, some other symptoms, that you need to keep an eye out for.

Top signs you need a shoulder surgery

If you find yourself suffering from the following conditions then it is absolutely necessary to consult a shoulder surgeon Cambridge at the earliest. To make life easier for yourself, you need to pay attention to the following symptoms and if you find them getting worse with time, then you need to consult a shoulder surgeon Cambridges.
  • Radiating pain: - If you find yourself in a condition where the pain is radiating down and throughout your arm, then it is an ominous sign. If you observe yourself to be in such a situation then there are signs that something bigger is amiss and you need to consult a shoulder surgeon Cambridge, at the earliest.
  • Sleepless nights:- If you find yourself to be in a lot of pain, to the effect, that you can't even sleep on that side of the body, then chances are high that something bigger is amiss and that's when it gets very important to consult a shoulder surgeon Cambridge for possible surgery. The situation will keep getting worse if you don't consult an expert shoulder surgeon Cambridge.
  • Weakness in the arm: - If you have faced a serious shoulder injury then it will cause your arm to be a lot weaker, than usual. This 'weakness' will not go away on its own and the pain will not heal until you undergo shoulder surgery. If you find your arm to be weaker than usual, then you need to consult a shoulder surgeon Cambridge. 
  • Pain without any activity: - When you have an injured arm, it will pain quite a lot, when you indulge in physically exerting activities. But if the damage is too detrimental and severe, then the pain will continue without you indulging in any physical activity whatsoever. This is a sign that it is a severe injury that won't get healed on its own and it's time for you to consult a shoulder surgeon Cambridge.
  • Facing difficulty lifting and reaching: - If you have a shoulder that is too injured, you will find it very difficult it lift objects and reach out to your arm. If you find that your lifting and reaching out ability is impaired, then it's time to consult a shoulder surgeon Cambridge

The Bottom Line

It is important that you only consult an expert shoulder surgeon Cambridge because only he or she will be able to tell you if a surgery is required or not. They will also inform you about the procedures that are needed for your injury to heal. It is important that you consult an expert shoulder surgeon Cambridge in time and prevent the issue from worsening. With the right guidance of the right shoulder surgeon Cambridge, you will have the shortest recovery time and will also heal to the full extent of your abilities, in little or no time.

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