Why Tree Trimming Is Important and How to Hire Professionals?

Tree trimming

When trees are added as part of the landscaping, they will need to be regularly maintained through trimming. Tree trimming ensures safety while preserving a desired aesthetic appeal.
This task involves more than just cutting branches off without an understanding of how to execute the task properly. 

Improper care can damage the tree and possibly shorten its life. Therefore, learn how to execute trimming properly or hire a professional arborist. The various reasons for tree trimming are as follow: 

Remove Dead Branches

Common reasons to trim a tree include removal of dead branches, to create a room around limbs that are crowded together or to eliminate a potential hazard. Trees also need to be thinned in some scenarios. While this may not improve the health of the tree, it can reduce the amount of energy the tree must expend to grow.

Get Rid of Overgrown Branches

If a tree is present in an area with high pedestrian traffic, the tree may need to have lower branches trimmed or removed to create a clear walkway for people. And finally, when a tree is part of the landscaping, it may overgrow its desired size. Because of this, it will need to be reduced through tree trimming.

Trim When Trees Are Dormant

The appropriate time of year to trim trees is when they are dormant. This phase takes place from late fall to early spring. Also, consider waiting until the leaves have fallen off the tree to get a better view of its entire structure. This will help make a clear plan of how and where to make cuts. 

Trim When Trees Are Dormant
When removing branches, cuts should be made at the branch collar, which is the area where the branch connects to its parent branch or the tree trunk, depending on where the branch is growing within the tree. If a dead branch is growing from a live branch collar, the cut should be made just above the live portion of the tree.

While some basic tree maintenance can be done by any individual, other situations should be left for professionals. For example, if power tools are needed, or the work must be done high above the ground, consider hiring a professional arborist. 

These professionals have years of experience and will know exactly what to do to preserve a tree's health. They will also have all the needed equipment to get the job done safely. Research local businesses that provide tree services and be sure to hire someone with positive reviews and adequate experience. 

Hire Professionals

Hiring tree lopping professionals is a good idea. Read on to know the things you need to consider before choosing a provider.

  • License and Credentials
You should make sure that the company is licensed. If the employees are not trained, they may end up causing damage to your house or trees.
  • Insurance
Don't allow a company to work near your house unless it has an insurance policy. This means that the company should have worker's compensation insurance and liability insurance.

With liability insurance, you can easily cover the expenses of the employees that end up causing damage to your property or home during the tree trimming service.

Similarly, worker's compensation insurance offers protection for the employees and you in case the employees get injured during the job. Besides, it will offer protection for you against a lawsuit.
  • Referrals
Before you choose a company, don't forget to ask for referrals. You can then contact those customers to find out if they were happy with the company's services. You must ask for referrals first.

Keep in mind that inexperienced employees may not be able to work properly. They are more likely to make mistakes that may cause you a loss of thousands of dollars.
  • Get an estimate
Before you sign the contract, make sure you get an estimate. If the service provider shows hesitation while answering your questions about the total cost, look for another provider. Hiring the services of this type of company is not a good idea. They may rip you off.
  • Company charges
Next, you should find out how much you are going to get charged for the services. For instance, find out if they are going to charge you for stump grinding. It's better if you get a fixed quote for the entire job.
  • Equipment type
Find out about the type of equipment they are going to use for the job. The company should have all the required tools to do the trimming or removing trees. Let them know what you need to get done. Without the right tools, they can't do a good job.
  • Compare the services
Since stump grinding is an extra service, your company may not offer this service unless you pay extra for it. For instance, if they don't have a crane, they may not be able to perform the work beyond a specific height.
  • Employee training
Find out about the background of the company employees. If possible, you may want to hire employees that have at least five years of experience doing the tree trimming and other jobs.

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