4 Botox Myths That Needs To Be Cleared

Botox Myths

Botox might be one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in today’s world. From glamorous celebs to commoners, this beauty treatment is opted by many. And why not? Botox has amazing results.

However, as far as popularity goes, Botox has earned a bad reputation as well. As there are tons of misconceptions swirling around this cosmetic treatment. So, if you are feeling a bit unsure about taking your appointment for Botox Montreal or in any other located clinic make sure you know the facts rather than the myths.

Below we have busted some popular myths that give a bad name to the Botox treatment. Read till the end to find out.

  • Botox Treatment makes your face appear frozen
Now you may have seen in several comedic skits or pop culture references how Botox makes your face unnatural and frozen. However, that’s far away from the actual truth.

Botox treatment carried out by a trained and skilled professional in no way looks unnatural. When the Botox injection is used with the right technique it gives you flattering results.

Your face will look youthful and rejuvenated rather than frozen and unnatural. So, stop believing in everything you may hear about Botox and find an efficient clinic for the right consulting.

  • Wrinkles will appear worse once you stop getting Botox
This is another misconception that does the round often. Botox treatment mainly focuses on your wrinkles and fine lines. Hence, once it starts showing its results, your face looks free of them.

Once the Botox is out of your system your lines will appear like the way it was before the treatment. There’s no worsening of wrinkles because of the Botox treatment.

And yes, you can get Botox once again to get rid of them. Make sure to take an expert’s consulting before you go for the treatment again.

  • Botox treatment is dangerous to your health
This myth revolves around most of the cosmetic treatments and Botox treatment isn’t spared as well. However, let us tell you that Botox is an old treatment that has been used for cosmetic purposes for over 20 years.

Now we understand how this myth comes to existence as Botox is derived from botulinum toxin. It is usually related to the condition of food poisoning.

However, the fact is Botox treatment makes use of controlled levels of this toxin that does not cause any negative impact. It is a completely safe process that is opted by thousands and thousands of individuals every year.

  • Botox accumulates in the body over time
Nope! Absolutely not. Botox does not tend to accumulate in your body. In fact, your body gets rid of them after a certain period and the results don’t last forever.

That’s why Botox retreatment is a common and safe process. Once your body flushes out the Botox you can always opt for more provided an expert consulting is necessary to be taken.


So, what are you waiting for? If you have an overdue appointment for a Botox treatment, then it’s time for you to visit the clinic and get this wonderful treatment done. Book your appointment for Botox Montreal treatment now!

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