Top 5 Chinese restaurants in Accra

Chinese restaurants in Accra

Chinese food is widely popular around the world and for very valid reasons so. Chinese cuisine has a very rich legacy, tradition, and history, which makes it renowned around the world for its sophisticated processing, excellent choice of ingredients, distinctive flavors, and spices. Chinese food is also popular because it is pretty affordable and very convenient and quick to prepare. 

Chinese food is considered to be the most 'varied' food cuisine in the world. It is so 'varied' that there are as many as 8 main cuisines districts in the Chinese cuisine world and all different cuisines are unique in their own way.

Chinese cuisine is also considered to be very nutritious and healthy. There are plenty of reasons to try Chinese cuisine and no reason, not to. Chinese cuisine is so popular around the world, that there are dedicated Chinese restaurants in every part of the world, in every city, country, and continent. Chinese cuisine is very popular in Ghana as well. Whether you are a traveler looking for some tasty Chinese cuisine or a Ghanaian native, looking to try Chinese cuisine, there are plenty of options to choose from, which will leave you well and truly, spoilt for choice. 


In today's day and age of globalization and multiculturalism, there's no need for anyone to actually visit a country to experience its diverse traditions and delicious cuisines. If you have been planning to try Chinese cuisine, but don’t know where and how, then read on further to know more about the top 5 Chinese restaurants in Accra, Ghana. The following list has been compiled based on online reviews and ratings. Let's get started with the list.

1. Noble House Restaurant: - 

If you frequently visit areas around the Labone Senior High School, then there are high chances that you might have heard about this top-class Chinese restaurant in Accra. It is one of the oldest and one of the best Chinese restaurants in Ghana. If you have been looking for the best Chinese restaurant for specialized outdoor catering services, then look no further than Noble House Restaurant. The restaurant is one of the best places to have Chinese food in Ghana and it has several private rooms that can be hired for meetings and functions. 

Unobtrusive service and consistently delicious food are some of the hallmarks of this restaurant, which makes it one of the best in Accra. The restaurant has beautiful decor, the food is consistently amazing and the service is always on point. It might be a little on the expensive side for some people but it provides a fine dining experience and for that reason, it is highly recommended. 

The portions are very good and the place offers excellent ambiance. The restaurant is spacious enough to facilitate a small hangout with your friends and family. If you have been looking for the best Chinese restaurant which provides an excellent ambiance for parties and dinners, then look no further than Noble House Restaurant in Accra.

2. Regal Chinese Restaurant: - 

This restaurant is situated in Fifth Line Osu and is considered by many as the best Chinese restaurant in Accra. The waiting staff is delightful and you are sure to have an excellent eating and dining experience at Regal Chinese Restaurant. If you have been looking for a fine African dining experience with the most delicious and authentic Chinese food, then your search ends with Regal Chinese Restaurant. 

They have an extensively rich menu and they provide great consistency and flavor in their dishes. Though somewhat pricey, it is still one of the best Chinese restaurants in Accra, where the entire eating and dining experience is absolute 'value-for-money'. 

It is one of the most authentic and established Chinese restaurants in Accra, which provides very rich cuisine options in big portions. The surroundings are clean and pleasant and you sure to have very refined eating and dining experience at this restaurant. 

When you visit Regal Chinese Restaurant, you will have a huge choice of main courses to pick from, all of which have been prepared very well. This restaurant has been operational for the last 35 years and has been consistently food of absolutely first-class quality, ever since its inception.

3. Tip Top Chinese Restaurant: - 

Located on the Oxford Street of Osu in Accra, Tip Top is one of the finest Chinese restaurants in Accra. Over and above the finest and the most diverse range of Chinese cuisines, you can also find a huge array of continental cuisines at Tip Top, at very economical prices. It is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in its location and is heavily frequented by locals and travelers during the evenings and the afternoons. 

The restaurant has a very rich menu and provides traditional Chinese cuisine of the highest order. It sets the bar very high for Chinese cuisine in Accra. You will get large portions at very reasonable prices at this restaurant. You'll find top-class, western version Chinese dishes and traditional Chinese dishes at Tip Top restaurant. The staff is very friendly, it is a small and cozy place, and you will get all kinds of Chinese meals at this restaurant. If you are a traveler on a budget, then you can definitely consider visiting this restaurant for a fantastic eating and dining experience.

4. Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant: - 

Next up on the list of the best Chinese restaurants in Accra is the Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant. The restaurant provides an excellent Chinese menu and it is highly recommended for its five-star ambiance. It is behind Koala Shopping Centre on Patrice Lumumba Road in Airport Residential Area and it is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Accra. After your place the order, the food will be served within 15-20 minutes and it is well worth the wait. You should definitely try their fried squid and peppercorn dip, at least once in your lifetime. 

The waiting staff is very welcoming and the place has a very pleasant ambiance, which makes for an excellent eating and dining experience. There is an excellent variety of Chinese cuisine on offer and the food is available in very good size portions. You can definitely consider Imperial Peking Chinese restaurant for weekend lunches with your friends or family. If you are visiting Accra and are looking for the best Chinese food in an enjoyable setting, then make sure to check out Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant.

5. Tang Garden Restaurant: - 

Last but not least on our list of the best Chinese restaurants in Accra is the Tang Garden Restaurant which is located in the Borstal Avenue South Airport Residential Area. It is considered as one of the best Chinese restaurants in Accra for its top-class ambiance, delicious food, and impeccable service. They have an excellent menu, which is a very good mix of sweet and savory dishes. 

If you want to taste the best authentic Chinese food in Accra, and don't mind spending a little more, then you can definitely consider visiting the Tang Garden Restaurant. You will get an awesome variety and extensive array of desserts, salads, and grills, at this restaurant. Whatever your tastes, you will be served to your taste, at this restaurant. If and when you visit Tang Garden restaurant, make sure to try their chicken and prawn dumplings.

The Bottom Line

There you go. That was a list of the finest Chinese restaurants in Accra, that you can definitely consider, checking out. You can visit these restaurants yourself and if you don't want to venture out in times of the Covid-19 pandemic, you can order your favorite dishes from such restaurants. There are many online food ordering platforms with Accra and beyond, where you get access to the finest Chinese restaurants, in and around Accra. You can browse the menus of different restaurants on food ordering platforms and place orders and get them delivered to your doorstep, in little or no time.

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