Facts you must know before purchasing an iPhone


As a cellphone repair technician, you might come across many customers every day, requesting to fix their broken phone. While most phones are easy to repair, iPhone 8 Plus poses some problems. However, with the right parts, your job can get easy. But first, you should know the kind of problems faced by iPhone 8 Plus customers:

1. Phone parts issue

Most customers face damage in touch sensor or display. Some even have a water damage issue. These can be fixed by some authentic iPhone 8 Plus parts.

2. Battery life

Initially, when a customer purchases an iPhone, everything seems oka. However, as the usage of the phone increases, they might face problems with its battery backup. 

3. Problems in iPhone accessories

No doubt,iPhones are fantastic to use, but there are multiple chances of damage to charger, cable, and earphone equipment. In such cases, you need to have access to iPhone 8 Plus accessories at once.

4. Connectivity issues

A lot of customers might face Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity issues with an iPhone 8 Plus when it comes to connecting it with an Android device. Moreover, users need to carry a connector in case they wish to connect their iPhone via data cable. This data cable might need fixing every now and then.

5. Problems with updating software

Every now and then, iPhones have an update to ensure that the iOS software is working properly. There are chances that users may face problems of slow updating process or insufficient storage issues while updating the software of their phone.

6. Sensor problems

iPhones have very sensitive touch screens and perform brilliantly. However, it is foolish to expect the phone to work if you drop it in a bucket of water to test whether it is waterproof or not. The phone might work, but it shall surely have problems with its touch sensor.

7. Back up issues

We all want to have a backup of the apps or WhatsApp messages and everything that we use, but with iPhones, there are a lot of chances of having a problem with back up and restoration of data. 

What you can do to fix these problems

Here are some hand-picked tips for you to deal with iPhone issues and grow your business of iPhone repairing.

1. Read the pre-installation guide

Let us say you are dealing with an iPhone 8 plus model. Then make sure you read about its parts in the pre-installation guide to have a tad bit knowledge about general facts.

2. Look for participation forums

There are a lot of platforms that discuss common problems faced by iPhone users. Make sure you read them or pitch your problem across the platform. There are many chances to find the right answers from verified iPhone users.

3. Feedback about software

If there is a new update on the iPhone 8 Plus, make sure you go through all pros and cons of it. Knowing about updates always gives you an upper hand to protect sensitive information on the iPhone.

4. Speak to an expert

Let us say the screen has a crack in it and you need to replace it but you cannot find any genuine iPhone 8 Plus part. What are you supposed to do?
Get in touch with an iPhone wholesale part seller and make sure to follow his instructions and steps to help the iPhone get back to the normal working condition.

5. Notify store in case of urgency

iPhones are very expensive. If you get the latest version of the iPhone 8 plus to repair and find its parts and accessories defective, immediately order a bunch of authentic iPhone 8 plus parts and repair the phone at once.

6. Use genuine accessories

Chargers and earphones are two main things that damage easily. When you get one to repair, make sure you replace the broken parts with genuine ones because a fake or cheap replacement might do more damage than doing good to the iPhone.

7. Always suggest the use of screen guards and phone covers

Whenever a customer approached you for iPhone repair, make sure to purchase a screen guard and phone cover. Tell them to avoid using naked phones because there are chances that it might fall off their hands and break. So make sure they protect their phone externally.


Owning an iPhone is an amazing feeling for all age groups, but users need to take certain measures to ensure that the iPhone remains safe and performs well for years. So go ahead, see tutorials, and do research before you repair an iPhone 8 Plus.

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