Steps to Follow Before You Remove Asbestos from Your Roof


The removal of asbestos is not that easy. The process may seem easy to you but the primary steps involve a lot of precautionary steps. If you have houses built in the early 90s then probably the roof material used back then is the asbestos. During that time people used asbestos as it was cheap and offered fire protection. But, later the studies found that these materials contain toxic fiber that is unnoticeable to naked eyes but can cause severe health hazards. Even people have died due to the use of this material. So, if you decide to remove it from your room, only the professional asbestos removal Perth services can help you.
A majority of people have this notion that removal can be done by any contractor. Well not really, as it involves a number of primary steps to follow before the removal process. So, it is necessary to call in a professional to remove this toxic fiber. Let’s take a look at the number of steps you need to take before demolishing the asbestos
  •  A Survey of Your House
Before applying for the removal of asbestos, there must be a survey done by professionals. This is to identify the number of poisonous material present in the asbestos. In this phase, a professional will visit your house and collect the sample material. Then it will be sent to an accredited lab for final reports. The final reports will decide whether you are ready to have the removal or you can fix the issues with the asbestos management plan.
  • Preparing the Removal Area
Well, none can remove the asbestos-like we do normally. The asbestos removal Perth contractors must follow the regulation policy before the removal process starts. The steps in this phase involve sealing the air ducts, plasticizing the floors, ceilings, and walls, and turning off the HVAC system. Apart from these steps, you need to ensure the entire area is protected so that none from outside can get in.
  • The Removal Process
The final process is the removal. The contractors must ensure all those safety and then start the work. Even they should wear special suits so that no harmful material can touch them. During and after the process, the professionals should check the air quality with the help of tools to ensure it’s not polluted any more. Once the process is completed, the entire debris should be cleared by the professionals. This is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner and wipe the floors with a wet cloth to ensure safety.
There are professional asbestos removal Perth experts who perform the removal and testing tasks. Since you can’t do it yourself, it’s best to contact an expert and remove the hazardous material. The asbestos can bring in life-threatening diseases if left unmanaged. You won’t be able to notice these toxic fibers with your untrained eyes but it may be too late until you will realize its impact. So consult with an expert and remove the harmful material from your house.

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