What Types of Epilation Laser Montreal Is Right For Your Skin?

Epilation Laser Montreal

The steps of waxing, shaving, or plucking to remove unwanted hair from body and face requires ample time and resources. And so, people who prefer having smooth and hairless skin might consider waxing or shaving as only available options. If you are ready to spend some extra cash, you can simply opt for more permanent solutions – Epilation Laser Montreal. This advanced method exercises rays to wipe out unwanted growing and offers smoother skin.

If you are interested to explore permanent solutions to get rid of unwanted growth, continue to scroll down. This write-up will explain laser hair treatment, how it works, and types of laser hair therapy that’s right for your skin. 

What’s Laser Hair Treatment?

The process of removing unwanted hair with laser light that destroys follicles is termed as laser hair removal. This step of hair removal is more than just “zapping” of unwanted hair. This the medical step requires skills to exercise as carries possible risks. So, if you are planning to undergo Epilation Laser Montreal, you need to stop waxing, plucking and electrolysis for at least six weeks ahead of getting treatment.

How Does Laser Hair Therapy Works?

This advanced process produces a wavelength of rays with a particular color. If it is intended to skin, such created energy will convert rays to skin and hair pigment melanin as well. These converted rays will warm-up and eliminate the surrounding cells. 

In order to enjoy permanent solutions, you simply need to produce and convert rays at specific cells. These stem cells remain in various parts of the hair, which is popular as the hair bulge. The surface of your skin even contains melanin, which will not be disturbed and people are even purposely shaved ahead of starting the laser hair removal process. 

Is Epilation Laser Montreal Permanent Solution?

The process of unwanted hair removal can either permanently reduce the volume of your hair or remove unwanted growth. This means some cells might regain after single exercises and you might need some more courses to enjoy permanent solutions.

In case you want permanent removal of unwanted hair, or only reduce volume, which is influenced by- 

  • Color of Patient’s Skin,
  • Thickness & Color of Hair Being Applied Laser Treatment,
  •  Quality & Type of Laser Therapy Applied,
  • Qualification & Experience of Physician Operating the Laser Hair Removal Therapy,

However, in case you’ve grey hairs, which don’t contain melanin pigmentation, currently available laser hair removal therapy won’t work right. That’s important to understand the result for your skin type before treatment. 

Types of Laser Hair Removal Machines

These common sorts of laser hair removal machines are chosen according to various skin types, such as –

1. Alexandrite Laser (Best for Olive Skin)

This advanced machine is meant with a slightly longer wavelength compared with other laser hair removal machines, which makes it accurate on a wider range of skin tones, especially olive skin. This particular machine possesses an increased spot size and repetition rate, which indicated it can offer treatment to various parts of the skin and quickly. This is also the easiest method available to get rid of unwanted hair growth. 

2. YAG Laser (Suitable for Dark Skin)

This machine is an ideal solution for dark skin tone to offer laser hair removal, due to its weaker melanin absorption rate. This specific machine is meant to treat long wavelengths of dark skin tones, which can produce melanin in the epidermis to the melanin in the hair. However, this laser hair removal machine isn’t very effective on fine and white hair. This machine is extremely useful to destroy hair at the papilla but can be painful and not so effective to treat fine hair. 

3. Ruby Laser (Perfect Match for Very Fair Skin)

One of the oldest types of Epilation Laser Montreal, this machine has more melanin absorption rates that most other machines available on the market. Thus, Ruby is most exact for fair skin tones and light hair removal. This laser hair removal machine is effective even on very glow skin and hair as well. However, it can result in skin discolored due to high melanin absorption rates.

4. Diode Laser (Ideal for Fair to Medium-Dark Skin)

This is one of the newest and popularly used laser hair removal machines. The Diode is mainly intended for fair to medium-dark skin tones, which removes shorter and longer wavelengths. This advanced machine enhances good melanin absorption rates and penetrates deep into the hair follicles. The longer wavelength also reduces the risk of skin damages. Hence, this particular machine is used to treat patients with fair skin types. 

However, not all excess hair is ought for concern. And so, you must consult and double-check with your dermatologist ahead of planning to apply laser hair removal therapy. 

That’s completely your choice to initiate the right decision today!

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