Common PPC Advertising Mistakes That Contractors Must Avoid


Contractors choose PPC to advertise their business and grow up their sales instantly and rapidly. According to successful marketers, launching a PPC campaign leads to target a wide audience and grab their attention in no time. They included that a PPC ad has the power to build high conversions and lower down the overall advertising costs.

To escalate the business sales and to enjoy higher conversions, many contractors jump on to craft a PPC ad and set up an advertising campaign. However, there are only a few who enjoy the success ratio. This is because of the common mistakes they usually make while advertising their business online.

In contractor internet marketing, PPC campaigns are mandatory. In fact, PPC ads have a great impact on digital marketing. Regardless of what business you have, these ads can turn your business image brighter.

Here in this article, we will talk about the mistakes that you need to avoid while launching your PPC ads. 

Common PPC advertising mistakes that you must not avoid while contractor internet marketing

  • Avoiding geo-targeting: 
To explain this point, let us talk about your vision. What’s your marketing vision? Many marketers wish to expand their business globally and reach out to global clients for better growth and sales. We guess you wish the same. Well, there is no wrong in spreading your services across the world. But as a contractor, your first aim should be to serve your local audience and gain their trust for better expansion. 

Google AdWords has an option named “Geo-targeting”. Using this option, you can select your area, your state, and reach out to your local targeted audience individually. Remember, your local customers are keen to hire your services. Create multiple ads and publish them choosing different states from geo-targeting location options. This makes the advertisement much more powerful. 

  • Paying no attention to the landing pages: 

For PPC, landing pages play a vital role. After all, the PPC ads take the visitors to the landing pages to take further action. No matter how engaging the ads are, how interesting the ad content is, potential buyers will make their decisions only after viewing the products or services present on your landing pages. 

Therefore, if you are assuming that creating a great ad copy and choosing the right advertising platform is enough to draw in more customers. You are wrong. The ads can drive more traffic, but to turn the visitors into customers you have to present an effective landing page for your ad.

  • Forgetting about remarketing: 

Have you heard about remarketing? Remarketing is all about using the old existing resources for new purposes. Tell us, what are the different purposes for which a PPC ad is displayed? To spread brand awareness, to connect with a huge audience, to display your brand, to announce the launch of new services or products, to educate people about the attributes, and so on. 

So, as you see, there are multiple purposes for which a marketer chose to advertise. As a contractor, you must have the same thought. But the best thing is that you don’t need to create multiple ads to serve multiple purposes. That will be a waste of time and effort. 

What you can do is use a single ad copy or a two to serve multiple purposes. This is called remarketing, where you choose one PPC ad and display it to acquire multiple needs.

  • Stuffing ads with keywords: 

Next, the biggest mistake that you usually make is stuffing your ads with keywords. Just like content, you can’t add multiple keywords in the same ad. Adding too many keywords in the ad reduces the effectiveness of the ad and eventually lowers down the overall relevancy. 

Fewer keywords have the potential to generate multiple clicks and with time increases the conversion rate to a great extent. So, guys, think about it before you create ad copies. 

  • Not using product images: 

Many contractors feel like there is no need of adding images to the ads. In fact, for home contracting business, images have nothing to do. Do you feel the same? In that case, you are performing the next big mistake while advertising your services.

It doesn’t matter whether you advertise your services or products, including images to the content is mandatory. This generates the credibility factor on your service, ensuring the targeted audience or potential buyers about the relevancy of your brand. Add some home contracting images from your projects and set up an advertising campaign. 

Images and videos are more impactful that normal content. So, it is important not o avoid them in any case. 

Downsides of PPC

We agree that PPC advertising campaigns are full of benefits. But despite the advantages, PPC marketing possesses a few disadvantages as well, that you must ponder. The downsides of PPC campaigns include – 

PPC advertising platforms are plenty. More than that, each platform is rich with an array of features and functionality. This what confuses the advertiser, creating a problem in choosing the right one.

Second, creating PPC ads is not an easy task. Extensive research on keywords and creating engaging ad copies are very important. A wrong inclusion of keyword or content can drag your business down. 

Third, you just can’t sit back and relax by launching a PPC campaign. A PPC advertising campaign requires proper management so as to gain high leads and huge traffic. 

Confused, how to build proper and effective PPC advertising campaigns? Reach out to the best white label digital marketing company and share your requirement with the PPC experts.

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