How Trekking Will Help You to Achieve Fitness Goal


The above quote by Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu means a lot. You can relate it to everything which happens with you and around you.  Whatever goal of life it is we have to start it with a single step. This quote is well suited for the health consciousness and health enthusiasts. To accomplish anything, we have to start from an initial point. Health is the most important factor in our life. Without health and wellness, we are nothing. To handle daily life challenges we need physical as well as mental strength from reaching office to complete daily chores.

Trekking is an activity that promises physical health as well as mental health. If we go with the facts, then in a study done by CNN a well-known television media channel it is mentioned that a man of a 90 kg weight will burn 113 calories by walking and 151 calories will burn by jogging 1 mile on the same route. There are multiple benefits of trekking to the health which are the following:

  • Natural Stress Relief

Trekking is the best option to eliminate the stress of routine life. When we start trekking we will have the chance to interact with nature, culture, and people. To learn and know about something new is always a delightful activity. The study done by various health institutes said that when we walk in and around nature’s trail our brain releases endorphin which generates a feeling of happiness in our mind and body. Breathing pure oxygen also improves our brain cells.

  • Muscular Health

Trekking activity requires strength, power, and stamina in the body which will lead to stretching muscles of our whole body from neck to feet. It improves the elasticity of our body and it results in better flexibility of our body. Another benefit of trekking is toned muscles and a fit & healthy body shape.

  • Control of Body Sugar and Blood Pressure

When our muscles start working they need energy so excess blood sugar works as fuel. As trekking is a tedious activity that requires our muscle power then excess blood sugar level will be decreased to an adequate level. Trekking activity is one of the best ways to perform cardio workout which helps us to keep blood pressure low and reduce the danger of heart disease, diabetes, and strokes.

  • Weight Loss

It is one of the most desired things due to the fast-food lifestyle. Many people want to lose weight and they try each possible way to do so. Trekking is one of the best ways to reduce weight. It has been observed that you can lose up to 500 calories by just an hour of trekking.

  • Improve Immunity

Our body needs antioxidants to remain healthy. It has been observed that after trekking activity the level of antioxidants increased. An adequate level of antioxidants is required to fight with infections. The higher level of antioxidants is directly proportional to the higher capacity of fighting with infections.

  • Better Quality of Sleep

Regular physical activity improves the quality of sleep. In trekking our every muscle works so after tedious trekking when we go for sleep then our muscles start cooling down which gives a relaxing feeling to the body and we get to sleep with ease. Good sleep is required for mental as well as for physical health.


The above are some benefits of trekking other benefits are recommended to feel by himself/herself. Trekking is the best way to check the strength and power of the body. During the trekking, you will walk on the nature trail so apart from it you need some other arrangements also. There are some good service providers like BanBanjara Travels which provide their services to trek you on several trek routes including camping, guide, meals, and many more.

Other than getting health benefits from trekking, through this activity, you can explore the places, know, and interact with local culture and have the chance to see the different forms of mother earth. It is the best of the best options to rejuvenate the stressed life into a new stress-free healthy life.

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