2020 Remote Desktop 10.0: Lean to wireless display by iOS

Remote desktop

RDP or remote desktop protocol has been utilized from XP pro days. Every version of Microsoft operated devices holds an RDP feature. And Microsoft keeps updating this RDP version to provide optimal support for every OS.

With this recent 2020 remote desktop 10.0 update, Microsoft has upgraded its RDP app for iOS devices.

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Well, over the tweeter, Microsoft enthusiast users spotted its new iOS updates on RDP. Ever since 2018, the RDP app for iOS has never been updated until this recent one. Adding loads of new features with this new version, Microsoft has also promised to provide more frequent support to its users.

But, Microsoft abruptly shuts the app down on apple store. After the app being pulled from the app store, studies have been rolling out to explain the reason.

And all of the things that have brought to light after the research are,

  • A user stated from Japan that the input problem was still there along with disabled third-party software keyboards.
  • Another user from China faced a problem while inputting Chinese on the iPad directly using the input methods. 

Although there was no further explanation from Microsoft about their unfortunate break down of 2020 remote desktop 10.0 update.

How does the remote desktop connection work?

The remote desktop app is a service through which users can access their computer through iPad, iPhone, or any other device. Users can access the entire system of the device paired with including audio, camera, and microphone.

While establishing a connection with another device, users often feel insecure as their data might get stolen or hacked. But RDP is a secure protocol and you can be assured with data privacy.

The entire protocol was built on a simple client-server model. Where the remote computer is being used as a server and your pc is the client. RDP only allows connecting with windows desktops through a wide variety of OS devices. 

How does Microsoft Remote desktop function?

Microsoft RDP is basically a remote control software which allows a user to control and access data of host or remote computer using a proper internet connection. But to make it function, four major components come into play; availability, requirements, process, and security. 

1. Availability
The operating system of the device through which you’re connecting can be any of Windows XP, Linux, Unix, iOS, macOS, Android, etc. However, the remote computer must have windows vista or XP professional. 

2. Requirements
The host computer should in an active state. Hence all the features like “sleep” mode, “hibernate” mode should be turned off in order to connect through the remote desktop connection. Other than this a proper internet connection is required to maintain a smooth connection. 

3. Process
Before to start the remote desktop session, the client has to send a signal to the host using a standard “listening” port 3389. After verifying the client’s login credentials, the host computer grants permission to connect. Once it’s connected you can work like you’re sitting in front of the host computer. But, once someone else uses the host device, the connection automatically gets disconnected. 

4. Security
Microsoft provides enhanced security features on this remote desktop connection. You can secure your connection through setting up an account lookout term, encrypting your data transmission, etc. Also, Microsoft event viewer provides a periodic check which contains all the failed attempts to log in.  

2020 remote desktop 10.0: additional features updated by Microsoft

Ever since Microsoft launched its iOS wireless desktop app, users have been facing a lot of issues regarding its functionality. Also, Microsoft couldn’t provide proper support to its users, resulting in a major failure of a remote desktop app for iOS. So, recently Microsoft launched its new update for iOS devices. 
Despite Microsoft pulled their updated RDP app for iOS, users already took a glance at the feature is included. Since it was the first update on iOS wireless desktop after 2018, users didn’t miss any of the latest features. Let’s have a look.
  • It provides support for WVD or windows virtual desktop service.
  • Added a new connection center UI.
  • Enhanced support for an external keyboard. 
  • Included dark and light theme for the first time.
  • Users can control their phone even when it’s connected with a remote PC.
  • Support for recently launched iPad devices and iPhone devices.
  • Brand new layout for the on-screen keyboard.
  • Support swift point Bluetooth mice, local storage redirection, microphone redirection, camera redirection, etc.
  • Updated UI for smooth switching between remote pc and other apps.

Along with these, users could instantly report any error instantly. Also, Microsoft stated their commitment towards making the app one of the best Remote desktop clients. 

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iOS to Microsoft wireless display: The myriad advantages

RDP provides a seamless connection between the client’s desktop and host computer. Microsoft has provided an RDP app for all of its devices also it provides RDP for iOS and Android operated devices. With a commitment to provide better service to iOS users, Microsoft updated its RDP version to 10.0. Let’s have a look at the features of iOS to Microsoft wireless display.
  • Establish a seamless connection.
  • Users can work anytime and anywhere having a windows pc at their home or office.
  • Establish a secure connection so users don’t need to worry about data hack. 


After the tweet from one of the enthusiast Microsoft users, people started to look out for the updated version of the apple store.

Although Microsoft pulled the 2020 remote desktop 10.0 app soon after it was launched on apple store. Experts are assuming that Microsoft will come out with better features.

Users from various countries reported several issues with the recent update on the various communities. So, Microsoft along with some best mobile app development company may be working out to solve these issues and launch a better version of iOS wireless desktop in the future.

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