How to Earn by Selling Action Figures and Bobbleheads


If you really love toys as well as appreciate collecting all of them, then possibly you should look at turning it into a side gig or full-time business. Marketing toys, bobbleheads and action figures for money is actually a way to do what you love or create added income today.

Personally, I am a Bobblehead fanatic and have actually been getting really good funds coming from purchasing and marketing these bobbleheads especially the action figures own like ironman bobblehead.

So if you're curious to know just how you can earn money coming from toys and other collectibles, keep reading this article as it contains guides for newbies.

The world of action figures or toys is predominantly driven by demand and supply. In a nutshell, this implies that:

  • A popular item along with low need is almost insignificant.
  • A common item with high need will have a really good market worth.
  • An unusual product with reduced needs is going to bring a good profit.
  • A rare item that has higher demand is actually just as good as gold (or perhaps more).

What Are Considered Great Toys?

There's really no certain method to determine such. People collect nearly just about anything and also toy enthusiasts are actually generally ready to pay an affordable amount just to receive what they want. Browse through the preferred collectibles section on eBay as well as you'll observe a great deal of odd (however uncommon) things being actually offered.

When it comes to toys, superior collectibles include comic publications, figurines, model amounts as well as bobbleheads. Besides these items being in low quantity, there is yet another criterion that drives the value of the items-- its condition.

Some of these toys, comics as well as bobbleheads have been marketed worldwide, merely a few of all of them stay in one piece. Toys in their original product packaging are very profitable as well as bobbleheads of action figures and comics preserved in mint shape is consistently valuable.

The Action Figures Niche

Action Figures Niche

Don't forget when you were actually a kid and you pointed out: "When I grow I am actually going to get every action figure I can". Even though your parents might have given you a bunch of fantastic toys yet there was actually one that you might have wanted that didn't come through.

That is just one of the allures of the action figure niche market. You can actually make money by just discussing these youthful toys and also market them at the same time. You can invest that earnings on additional toys to go over and also open a blog to review them.

If you're a fan of toys and action figures it is a never-ending circle of joyfulness and happiness to play with such things. With new figures coming out from both the DC and Marvel Universe this niche is certainly profitable.

Some of the most effective and very detailed figures keep coming out with every release of new superhero movies.  Movies and Television shows are packed with action figures that kids want to play with, mostly in this 21st century. It is a good time for people that really love toys, comics, and bobbleheads. This makes it a terrific opportunity for you to begin your very own toy, comics, bobblehead business, or even blogging site.

Action figures have regularly brought in over 1 billion dollars in the USA alone for close to 2 years.

Sub-Niches to Take into Consideration

Technically action figures and bobbleheads are a sub-niche of the toys niche. An attempt to cover the whole action figure and bobblehead niche would actually require too much effort from your part as a beginner.

It is a very wide niche.

The greatest action is to find a micro-niche to start in and also increase your versatility as you become an expert. Listed here are actually some examples of where to search for a micro-niche.
  • Detailed Size Figures and Bobbleheads: Concentrate On a specific inch for your action figures and bobbleheads.
  • Specific Genre Bobbleheads: Focus on creating a bobblehead business that revolves around only comic book figures or robots like C-3P0.
  • Stay with One Brand Name: You can start with Game of Thrones, Marvel, DC or GI Joe or Fortnight action figures. And also stay with it until you increase a little. Plus 100's more that you could focus on.
  • Cartoons Action Figures: Find Well-known Manga and also Anime action figures that you can sell or even start a blog and review them as an affiliate marketer.
  • Classic Action Figures: This is also a very profitable way to start your action figures business. Selling vintage figures and bobbleheads would provide income for you and would certainly likewise make an excellent e-commerce store.
  • Customized Bobbleheads: Another profitable one is selling customized bobbleheads to interested customers and fans. This would also serve as a very good gift for lovers of bobblehead


Once you are ready to sell your very first and also absolute best alternative as a beginner is to sell at online auction sites and also social media sites. When it comes to paying the most prominent one is actually PayPal.

Yet another possibility is actually to go to a dealership. Search for a toy in the retail store in your region and give your products to the store owner. You can easily put up your products at these spots and find out the collectors and also market them your items.

Likewise, watch out for toys as well as comic book meet-ups in your urban area. You can possibly prepare a small booth to feature as well as sell your merchandise.

Bear in mind that earning from action figures and bobbleheads calls for patience and also a considerable understanding of your product. This means it is actually always better to spend on one thing you truly have enthusiasm for.

One thing that might probably happen is that you will not have the ability to sell all of them in your lifetime, therefore at the very least ensure that your valuables can easily give you bountiful joy that cannot be gotten from just its market value.

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