Top Technologies That Can Change History in 2020


It is obvious to say that technology is advancing day by day. Some are transforming into better and more useful shapes with time and some are changed completely.

Growing trends of change in technology leave no place for people to stay back and remain uneducated in relation to new arriving technologies. They strive to learn more and adopt new technologies as soon as they arrive. Not only this but technologists are now thriving to learn how to make or make current technologies better.

Top Technologies that can change history in 2020 are mentioned below. We have provided a quick introduction to new arriving technologies. Please keep on reading below.

IoT – Internet of Things:

IoT – Internet of Things

Internet of things, usually called IoT is in top trend nowadays. Before discussing IoT let me share a few examples of it for better understanding. Machines and devices in daily life like mobile phones, washing machines, microwaves, and others will relate to one single device. People will be able to operate all with a single device. This was not common till the year 2019 but now will become common in most homes as well. However, IoT is not just limited to devices, it is making changes in the service part as well. This will help businesses interact with customers and maximize profits.

Personalized Internet:

It is not new to say that the Internet is in high use nowadays. As technology is getting better and smarter, the Internet is no more staying behind. Internet is becoming more humanized and by 2020, it will become more efficient based on its usage. The Internet will self-optimize to provide a better user experience. Based on this, load time will be faster, and more useful search results will come forward.

Autonomous Driving

We have heard of different discoveries related to autonomous driving through many resources. However, the idea is in process and will be in front by the year 2020. This will be a great driving trend changer. Autonomous driving will be highly efficient in following the traffic rules, automatic braking, and lane changing while driving. The in-car entertainment and comfort systems are not related to driving. However, it will make the journey extremely exciting.

Not just cars but shipping and trucking are adopting autonomous driving trends. In very less time, it has been observed that autonomous driving will be visible in headlines.

Predictive medicine:

Technology has brought forward devices that are highly useful in healthcare. They can capture data related to heartbeat rate and other health issues. Based on the patient’s condition and symptoms of the disease, machines will be able to diagnose the related diseases and can provide related cure as well. Based on calculations and predictions done by machines doctors will be able to better understand the disease and prescribe medicine accordingly. By 2020, these machines will become common in use thus improving healthcare overall.

Blockchain Technology:


This technology is going to play a vital role in building trust in online data servers. The data which is entered in the system will be unable to change or alter. Lawyers and healthcare will be able to make efficient use of this technology by entering previous information of a client or patient and make decisions accordingly. 

Future software technology of Blockchain is going to be highly efficient and effective in completing tasks based on previous data. Blockchain is a chain connected with a block which is interconnected with each other. If anyone will try to alter previous data, the system will give an error. This feature makes it highly reliable and will help in making the right decisions.


Technology trends are changing day by day, however, by the beginning of 2020, we can expect a great change in technology trends which will surely make marks in history.

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