Top 5 Effective Link Building Strategies in 2020

Link Building Strategies in 2020


Link Building Strategies in 2020: Before the release of Google’s page rank algorithm, the only effective way to get exposure to your site was, the web content. The content was the only possible way; through which you could increase your search engine rankings. But, with Google’s page rank algorithm, things have changed.

Backlinks have become one of the 3 topmost factors, by which Google analyses your credibility and increases you in the search rankings. By having high authority sites linking back to your page or domain, you can increase your search engine rankings big time!
But, the results of link building campaigns are only to be seen if they are done in a very effective and, systematic way.

Here, I will discuss the top 5 effective link building strategies in 2020 which can help you, create a sustainable link building campaign that is successful.

1.Planning Your Approach:

Planning Your Approach

This may seem to you, a very basic strategy which, you would say that you already know about it. But, believe me, this is the most important thing and, it is vital to emphasize this before moving on to other strategies. Planning your approach is very important in order to get fruitful backlinks.

You need to know your goals. You need to evaluate yourself about, what you want to achieve with your website. You should analyses, how your product can help eradicate a prevailing problem. All this will help you consider, how far you want to go with your SEO attempts, especially with your link building campaign.

Also, take in a note, what niche you operate in. Find websites with similar niches and see what backlinks they get and from where. Evaluate what backlink your competitors are getting and how. All this planning will help you give a better picture as to, what type of links you want, how do you want them, and, from where you’ll get them.

A planned approach will help you know more about your own industry and, what other industries have an influence on it. All this information will help you create a link building campaign that, sustains and, moves constantly towards success.

2. Great Content:


This is a very obvious, yet important thing. There needs to be some tangible content, to which, other sites would link. Without content, there will be no linking. Creating high-quality content is surely a very effective strategy in order to gain backlinks.

Most of the people think that, links linking to their product page would do for them and, they don’t need any content. This is a very false thing. Many site owners are only looking for content-based pages to link to as these pages provide detailed information and help the readers.

It is important to have a blog with high-quality content to which, other sites can link back. Content such as, research, statistics, case studies, industry news, interviews, etc, can drive many backlinks as they are all highly informative and help readers in some way or the other.

For creating high-quality content, first, evaluate who your target audience is. This will help you create focused content that would interest your readers. With high-quality content filled to the brim, your site has a great chance of attracting many quality backlinks.

3. It’s part of a Bigger Picture:


Link building should not be considered as, a separate SEO practice. It is all interconnected. Every strategy gives rise to others. Email marketing, social media marketing, SEO optimization, everything gives rise to link building.

Imagine starting your link building campaign after a successful period of social media marketing. You already have your name in the market and you’ll start getting backlinks almost instantly! It is important that every other SEO strategy works, simultaneously with your link building campaign.

This way, you could have quality backlinks, from all over the internet!

4. Back Linking Authority:

Link Building Strategies in 2020

You should evaluate the authority of a website that is linking to you, in order to know whether it will come out fruitful or not. Also, you should see, whether the content of the site linking to your page is relevant to your content or not.

If a parenting blog is linking to a blog from your pet blogging website, then, chances are that readers will bounce off from your site as, they’ll not see anything relevant in yours’s.

This way, your bounce rate will increase which will cause many SEO problems for you.

Hence, it is an important strategy that, you evaluate what type of sites are linking back to you and how relevantly they are doing so.

5. Link Building Is a Relationship:

Link Building Is a Relationship

Link building is nothing less than building up a relationship. A site owner will link back to you and you would do the same. This way, you are building a relationship with that site owner. Building good relations with site owners always helps.

You can easily approach them for backlinks without getting caught in the hassle of winning their trust. Also, good backlinks help you build a relationship with your audience. They will know your credibility and your name would get popular.

This will eventually help you more and more backlinks! Indeed, this is a very effective link building strategy.


Your soul goal should be to provide value to the readers. If you create your content with readers in mind, surely your efforts will pay off well. Also remember, SEO is a constant practice. A link building campaign should go on and on and shouldn’t stop after a while.

A Link Building Strategies needs dedication and devotion, in order to turn out successful. It is surely a tough task to come out winning and successful with the Link Building Strategies in 2020. But, if you adhere to the 5 key strategies, you can surely see discernible results.

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